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Centro de reproducción equina Pepe Antón , veterinario especialista en reproducción equina, con más de 20 años de experiencia en este sector, crea en el 2006 el Centro de Reproducción Equina Pepe Antón con la finalidad de dar respuesta a una demanda cada vez más especializada en este campo. Para ello cuenta con un equipo profesional, laboratorio equipado con la última tecnología, y una amplia selección de sementales, buscando siempre y en todo momento el BIENESTAR del animal, sin el cual no sería posible el logro de resultados.
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Our stallions

Equine Reproduction

Welcome to the Equine Reproduction Center Pepe Anton

Mr. José Antón López, veterinarian specializing in equine reproduction , with more than 20 years of experience in this sector, created in 2006 the Center of Equine Reproduction Pepe Anton with the purpose of responding to an increasingly specialized demand in this field. For this it has a professional team, laboratory equipped with the latest technology, and a wide selection of stallions, always looking for at all times the WELFARE of the animal, Without which it would not be possible to achieve results.


The Centre has an extraction room with mannequin, a mares-exploration room, ample stalls for stallions, a walker and a dressage ring for exercising. Individual boxes for mares with open paddock and big paddocks for groups of mares. In addition to box of birthing with surveillance cameras.

EU-approved Centre for collection, storage, distribution of semen, and embryo transfer..


Centre approved by the EU for semen collection and artificial insemination, both fresh, refrigerated and frozen semen. Evaluation of semen by assisted analysis with the CASA system.



The C.R.E. Pepe Anton is approved by the EU for the storage and distribution of equine semen, which accredits and allows to import or export semen from any stallion both nationally and internationally.


Made in a sterile environment achieved thanks to the laminar flow of the center.
Approved by the EU for its realization. Different adapting programs are offered to each particular case.