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Centro de reproducción equina Pepe Antón , veterinario especialista en reproducción equina, con más de 20 años de experiencia en este sector, crea en el 2006 el Centro de Reproducción Equina Pepe Antón con la finalidad de dar respuesta a una demanda cada vez más especializada en este campo. Para ello cuenta con un equipo profesional, laboratorio equipado con la última tecnología, y una amplia selección de sementales, buscando siempre y en todo momento el BIENESTAR del animal, sin el cual no sería posible el logro de resultados.
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The centre has stallions beloging to them whose semen they market. All stallions are tested and free of sexually transmitted diseases (viral arteritis, contagious metritis, and equine infectious anemia), as established in R.D. 841/2011.


The semen is marketed refrigerated in urgent service to any part of Spain and in express service (24 hours) to any point of Europe in which this service is carried out. They is also market frozen semen to those points where there are no such services or at the customer’s express request.


Inseminatión with fresh or chilled semen:
In this process an exhaustive ultrasound control of the mare is carried out, inseminating within 24 hours before ovulation. Controling at all times, uterus and ovaries, before ovulation.


Insemination with frozen semen:
An ultrasound control is still more precise, since the insemination has to be done in the three hours before or after ovulación. The technique of deep insemination is always performed to optimize the semen, performing and insemination cycle


A well-processed dose greatly increases the probability of pregnancy, and will avoid repetitions of cycles, shipments and veterinary expenses!!!


– For this reason, our center has in its facilities a Semen collection room with mannequin, avoiding any possible injury to the stallion.

– Once the Semen has been collected, it’s sent to the laboratory, where it is processed, analyzed and prepared for subsequent shipment.
All shipments of semen include an accompanying document as indicated and obligates the R.D. 841/2011, where the identification of the stallion, sanitary category, date of collection, quality, number of spermatozoa, and doses sent is reflected. Document certified by the CASA Analysis system.


Unfortunately not all stallions have excellent seminal quality. To this end, our center has different diluents, colloids, and techniques to improve its sperm quality, In this way increase the fertility rate and probability of pregnancy, which ultimately is the ultimate goal.


Has been one of the greatest achievements in equine reproduction, since it allows us to use the stallion while in competition, in situations of possible sterility or disease, or even once it has died.

Our center is approved for semen collection and freezing (ES17RS01E), and has an established protocol that includes:

– Quarantine and analysis of sexually transmitted diseases of the stallion.
– Analysis of freezing and determination of the fertility of post-thawed semen, by means of the CASA system and flow cytometry.
– Automatic freezer with ultrasonic straws filling and sealing.


El C.R.E. Pepe Anton is authorized by the EU as a storage center (ES17CA01E) and distribution (ES17D01E) of equine semen.

It has a semen bank where it stores all the frozen semen for its subsequent commercialization to any place in Spain, Europe or the world, whenever there is agreement with the country to export.We carry out all the bureaucratic procedures for your export or import.


Why 1 colt per mare and year?


This technique allows us in mares already tested, or of high genetic or economic value, to have more than one colt a year, avoiding thus any risk during pregnancy or birth. We are approved for the manipulation, transfer and marketing of embryos (ES17ET01E).


Our laboratory has a room with a sterile environment created by laminar flow for the manipulation of the embryo, thus avoiding its contamination and death before being transferred to the receiving mare.


In these cases is carried out a through ultrasound control, sampling, biopsies, tests laboratory, etc….. that allow us to reach a diagnosis to later apply an appropriate treatment and achieve the final goal: the pregnancy of the mare.