GENTIL XXII - Pepe Antón
Centro de reproducción equina Pepe Antón , veterinario especialista en reproducción equina, con más de 20 años de experiencia en este sector, crea en el 2006 el Centro de Reproducción Equina Pepe Antón con la finalidad de dar respuesta a una demanda cada vez más especializada en este campo. Para ello cuenta con un equipo profesional, laboratorio equipado con la última tecnología, y una amplia selección de sementales, buscando siempre y en todo momento el BIENESTAR del animal, sin el cual no sería posible el logro de resultados.
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Beauty and character


Bay stallion, pedigree 100% in Bocao, of the brand of D. Manuel Danvila that counts among his innumerable qualities size, good character, spectacular beauty, and harmonious movements, qualities all of them of the Spanish horse.
As for its origins, by paternal line, it counts with outstanding stallions of the brand of Urquijo, Estimado IV by Devoto  II, and its maternal line Opalina II by Atlantico 1981 (of the Iron of Gómez-Cuétara) and Ambiciosa II (of the iron of Urquijo).
Head of great expression and straight profile. Small ear finished in point. Powerful well formed neck, with perfect insertion in nape and withers. Broad, well-directed back. Strong back that ends in round rump, with insertion of low tail well implanted. Both his front and back legs are very correct, with a good bone structure.
Typical movement of the Spanish horse ” in bocao”pedigree , with an expressive pace, marking the footprint. Trot with knee elevation extending forward, and impulsing well with the hindquarters. Paused gallop, defining the very well times very.
Covering Canon

500,00 €

Veterinary Expenses

100,00 € + Shipping costs

IVA Not included

Coat color



1,65 m