CACIQUE IX (PRE) - Pepe Antón
Centro de reproducción equina Pepe Antón , veterinario especialista en reproducción equina, con más de 20 años de experiencia en este sector, crea en el 2006 el Centro de Reproducción Equina Pepe Antón con la finalidad de dar respuesta a una demanda cada vez más especializada en este campo. Para ello cuenta con un equipo profesional, laboratorio equipado con la última tecnología, y una amplia selección de sementales, buscando siempre y en todo momento el BIENESTAR del animal, sin el cual no sería posible el logro de resultados.
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ELITE stallion


This stallion has been recently promoted to the supreme ELITE category. He is the only stallion that has the 5 possible badges in purebred Spanish stallion, aside from being the first and only black coat stallion that has gained this qualification.


Regarding his paternal line, he is son of Ermitaño III, the first ELITE stallion. As for his maternal line, he is grandson of Primorosa XXV of Romero Benitez cattle and Hortelano XIV, horse that managed to be three consecutive years (1995, 1996 and 1997) in the SICAB podium, being these three years Spain runner-up. Cacique joins together the functionality with the morphology, which are really important in the Spanish horse.


In reference to his offspring, which rises in importance in a stallion, AveroPA, Enamorada CXIX and Poeta de Susaeta among others need to be highlighted because they have contributed to the rise of this stallion to the supreme category.


This horse is really beautiful, with a subconvex profile face, compact bone structure, unbeatable back and sporty rump. He is very well plumbed with three excellent airs, step in 4 well indicated movements exceeding the footprint and broad and regular trotting without loosing the characteristic elevation of this breed. His gallop has an unbeatable quality due to his elevation and uphill trend.

Covering Canon

1.600,00 €

Veterinary Expenses

100,00 € + Shipping costs

IVA Not included

Coat color



1,65 m